Strong. Independent. Cool. Brave. Rebel.

Words that people once used to describe me

Afraid. Alone. Insecure. Lost. Different.

Words that I once used to describe myself

What I was on the outside, contrasted significantly with how I felt on the inside

This contrast manifested itself time and again in my life

I started working at the young age of 14. What people viewed as independence was driven by my desperate need for financial security for my family.

My first job as a young adult working in a call centre meant talking to strangers and working with a team. Outgoing and sociable one might’ve thought? Awkward and uncomfortable is how I felt.

Then came what I thought was my big break; an opportunity to work as cabin crew with an international airline. I travelled the world, met people from various cultures, earned big money, partied and drank all night. And despite all of this, I couldn’t seem to enjoy the experience and I didn’t know why? I pretended to be happy.

I was in my mid-30’s, alone, anxious, angry, addicted to alcohol and cigarettes

I was at the peak of my career and still felt miserable. That’s when I decided to seek help. Dozens of therapy sessions later, I realized some glaring truths about my life. I didn’t know who I am. I didn’t love myself. I felt like I was different. I felt things weren’t available to me.

I soon realized that what I had been doing for most of my life, was grappling with my unresolved childhood trauma. I was consumed by pain.

Just as I was understanding myself, the pandemic hit and I lost my job. I was unemployed for the first time since my childhood. Thankfully I now knew and loved myself a little more. I decided to use this time to heal.

As I was healing, I started studying NLP and EFT to understand myself better

I realised I am extremely passionate about emotions and understanding our brilliant human mind, both conscious and subconscious. I found deeper purpose in my life by learning to understand the mind. I found Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®)…or maybe it found me. Created by Marisa Peer, I learnt how RTT® works on the subconscious mind that controls 90 to 95% of our life.

Now I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Mindset Coach, an RTT®, EFT, NLP, and Mental health & well-being Practitioner. I work together with my clients to investigate, understand and release deep-rooted issues and limiting beliefs, while rewiring and coding in new empowering beliefs.

My experience has taught me that yes, it is possible. You can reset your mindset with intention, purpose and direction.

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